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Best Policies in India

Online Car Insurance in 2023

Are you looking to compare and purchase the best car insurance online? Well, insurejoy.com has all you need and will assist you in each step from decision making to purchasing the best car insurance online.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a form of agreement or contract between the car owner and the insurance provider where the car owner will pay a certain amount as an insurance premium and the insurer will pay for any damage or loss caused to the car. The car insurance covers your car against financial losses that you may face in case of an accident, theft of the car, damages to the insured car or third party person or property. As per IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), all motor vehicles in India must be covered under an active car insurance policy. Most of the car dealers have to tie up with the insurance companies and provide instant insurance to their customers who purchase a car in their showroom.
Based on the policy type and add-ons you opt for, your car insurance policy may have the following benefits:

  • Liability Cover
  • Invoice Cover
  • Engine Protector
  • Tyre Cover
  • Electrical Accessories
  • PA For Unnamed Passenger
  • Consumable Cover
  • 24*7 Roadside Assistance
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Key & Lock Replacement
  • Non-Electrical Accessories
types of Car Insurance

5 Reasons Why you Need Car Insurance?

  1. Having car insurance is mandatory in every state. It is an offence against the law to drive a car without insurance.
  2. It provides financial protection by covering your vehicle against damages due to accidents, natural calamities, man-made disasters, or in-transit damages.
  3. It reduces your liabilities by covering the insured against legal liability to a third party in an accident, or third party injuries, damage to the third party property and even death of the third party due to the accident.
  4. The insurance provides personal accidental cover to the owner of the vehicle that will get him covered for accidental injuries or death. It also covers the passenger's medical expenses due to the accident.
  5. It will cover for the damage caused by theft or fire.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Have Car Insurance?

Let us assume that you accidentally hit a car parked on the roadside and caused damage to your own car as well as the third party’s car. This will come under third-party property damage and personal accident cover. Thankfully you have car insurance which will cover the expenses for the third-party damage and personal car damage. But if you do not have car insurance or have failed to renew your car insurance on time then you might face some serious consequences like:

  • Your driving license will get suspended
  • The cost of the damage could leave you debted
  • You will face legal proceedings and punishment
  • Your car registration will be suspended
  • You will be charged a fine for driving without an insurance
How It Works

Understanding the Working of Car Insurance

  • Car insurance premiums will differ based on various factors like the brand and model of the car. You can choose third party car insurance or a comprehensive car policy based on your need.
  • The most popular type of plan that is preferred is the comprehensive policy. It is a wholesome package that has different types of features (add-ons) like liability cover, accident cover, invoice cover, consumables cover, engine cover etc.
  • While buying car insurance, you are required to choose a deductible. A deductible is an amount you are willing to pay, against the losses incurred due to an accident. The deductible amount determines the annual premium you will pay for your car insurance, i.e., a higher deductible result in lower premiums.
    If a claim is made the insurance company will pay a part of the losses, while the rest will be paid by you as the deductible amount.
    For example, if your car has to be repaired after an accident and the total expense for the repair is Rs. 20,000 and your chosen deductible is Rs. 5,000. The insurance company will pay Rs. 15,000 and you will pay Rs. 5,000.
    Choosing a deductible is an important step while purchasing a car as you will be paying the deductible amount for every situation.
  • In case of an unfortunate grievous situation with your car, you can claim for car insurance and the amount will be reimbursed as per the eligibility mentioned and add-ons attached with your type of policy.
Buy your car insurance policy online at insurejoy.com after comparing all the policies and add-ons at just a few clicks!
Car insurance types

Types of Online Car Insurance Policy

We have seen how car insurance works, but did you know that there are different forms of car insurance in India. Here is a list of some basic car insurance types, and how they work?

  1. Third-Party or Liability Cover

    Third-party insurance is a common type of insurance where only the damage and losses caused to a third party vehicle or person is covered. It is mandatory in India to have a third party insurance cover. Liability insurance or third party insurance will cover the cost of repairs for any third party property damaged by an accident as well as the medical bills for the third party person from resulting injuries.

  2. Collision Cover

    In case if another vehicle hits your car and is damaged severely, this cover helps to bear the repair expenses. Also, if the damages are quite big and the repair expenses are exceeding the total value of the car, the collision cover pays the value of the car. This cover is useful for expensive high-end cars.

  3. Comprehensive Cover

    Comprehensive coverage provides you with extra coverage that includes all types of damages under all unfortunate situations you may face with your car. It covers accidental damages, medical expenses to self and others, damages faced due to weather, natural calamities, car theft, and vandalism, are also covered. The other two insurances do not offer this coverage. Although it is not mandatory by law to have comprehensive coverage, if it suits your budget, it is one of the most important insurance policies that will give you both third party coverage benefits as well as coverage for your vehicle. It can be further enhanced by adding a rider benefit like NCB (No Claim Bonus), accessories cover, invoice cover etc. Since it has all-inclusive features, this cover comes is expensive than the rest two.

  4. Personal Injury Coverage

    This cover offer protection to both the owner/driver and the passengers in case of an accident. The medical bills and hospitalization charges for both owner and passenger are covered by the insurance, not considering whose fault it was.

Comparison Between

Third-Party vs Comprehensive vs Collision Cover

There are different types of car insurance coverage available but the most popular are third party and comprehensive coverage. Let us compare the features of these two policies.

Features Third-Party Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Collision Cover
Covers for losses/damage caused in own car No Yes Yes
Covers for losses/damages to the third party vehicle Yes No No
Covers for losses/damages to the third party property Yes No No
Injury/death of a third-party person Yes Yes No
Covers for Personal Accident Yes Yes Yes
Covers for losses/damages to own vehicle due to fire No Yes No
Covers for losses/damages to own vehicle due to natural calamities No Yes No
Covers for losses/damages to own vehicle due to theft No Yes No
Customise your Insured Declared Value(IDV) No Yes No
Add-on Benefits No Yes Yes

It is important to get your car insured at the earliest after purchasing a car. If you already have insurance coverage, get it renewed on time. You can either opt for a cheap car insurance policy like third party insurance or a bit expensive one like a comprehensive car policy but what matters the most is that your car is insured against all kinds of unforeseen risks.

What is covered

Inclusions in a Car Insurance Plan

The car insurance policy covers the following circumstances:

  • In case of any loss or damage to your car due to accident or theft or any natural calamities, fire or riots
  • In case of accidental damage or loss caused to the third-party property
  • It covers the personal accidental cover
What is not covered

Exclusions under a Car Insurance Plan?

The car insurance policy will not cover the loss or damage caused due to the following circumstances:

  • Damage to the vehicle parts due to wear and tear of the car
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle when the policy is not active
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle when the person driving the car is without a valid driving licence
  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle due to oil leakage in the engine
  • In case of loss or damage to the vehicle caused due to intoxication of the driver due to drug abuse or alcohol.
  • In case of loss or damage to the car due to abusive handling of the vehicle by not following the car manufacturers guidelines
  • Depreciation on the car
  • Any type of electrical and mechanical breakdown
  • If any mishap occurs in the car outside India

For any queries, please contact our insurejoy.com experts and do write to us, or get in touch with us through our 9:00 am to 7:00 pm chat assistance.

Insurance Companies at a glance

15 Best Car Insurance Company with Accreditation

Car Insurance Company Claim Settlement Ratio Network Garages Policies Issued Third-party Cover & Comprehensive Coverage Presence
Bajaj Allianz 88.83% 4000+ 2.6 crore Yes 1,100+ cities
IFFCO TOKIO 95.30% 4300+ 100000+ Yes -
HDFC ERGO 91.23% 6800+ 1.3 crores Yes 106+ cities
Bharati AXA 87.99% 5200+ 2 crore Yes 135+ bbranches
ICIC Lombard 87.71% 8800+ 2,6 crore Yes 46 countries
Reliance 84.26% 6,200+ 56 lakhs Yes 139+ branches
TATA AIG 90.49% 5000+ 5 crore Yes 190+ countries
SBI 89.51% 16,000+ 6.8 crore Yes 125+ branches
New India Car Insurance 89.60% 3,000+ - Yes 28+ countries
United India Car Insurance 82.93% 3,100+` 1.75 crore Yes -
Kotak 82.81% 1,300+ 18 lakh Yes 9+ cities
Cholamandalam 85.89% 7,100+ 89 lakh Yes 135+ branches
Edelweiss 84.53% 1,500+ 1 crore Yes -
Digit 80.47% 1,000+ 90 lakh+ Yes 70+ cities
Royal Sundaram 92.66% 3,300+ 20.6 lakh+ Yes 156+ branches
Riders/Add-on Covers

In Your Car Insurance Policy!

Having an add-on is an additional benefit to your car policy which provides extra coverage to your car against unforeseen expenses. You can buy the riders benefit, by paying an extra premium. There are several add-on benefits offered by insurance companies, so choose the one according to your specific requirements.

Personal Accidental Cover

This is an add-on that comes with the comprehensive policy where the coverage is offered to third-party as well as covers against personal accidents. This add-on applies to the owner(if he is driving the car) as well as the paid driver. In case the driver dies or suffers a serious injury in a car accident the insurance company will pay a lump sum amount as compensation to the driver. This add-on is very important and a must-have on your car policy.

Personal Accident Rider/Add-on

This feature can be availed with a comprehensive policy by paying an extra premium. This add-on provides coverage to the insured for medical expenses due to accident, personal injury or disability caused due to accident.

Zero Depreciation Benefit

Usually, after an accident, some of the car parts need to be changed. But depending on how old the car is, the insurer will pay as per the depreciated value of the spare parts. By taking a zero depreciation you get the insurance claim as per the actual value of spare parts, which helps you save a lot of money on car repair.

Engine Cover

The engine is the most important part of your car so it has to be protected from getting damaged by incidents like flooding. A standard policy does not offer engine protection cover and hence getting this add-on will be beneficial. In case your car gets damaged due to floods, the engine cover add-on helps you to bear the engine repair or replacement expenses through your car insurance policy.

Road Assistance

If your car is broken down in the middle of the road this add-on cover ensures that the insurance company arranges for your car to be towed away to a garage and help you to reach your destination.

Daily Allowance

This is a very interesting add-on wherein you will get a cash allowance in case your car is at a garage for repairs. You can use this cash to arrange for an alternative mode of transport till you get your car back. The allowance is normally given for 10-15 days and the amount ranges from Rs. 500 - Rs.1000 that depends on the model of the car.

Lock And Key Replacement Benefit

If you lose your car keys and require a new key and lock, this add-on will help you to get the actual cost of it.

Consumables Cover

This cover can be purchased if your car is not older than three years. This add-on can be used to claim for any money spent on nuts & bolts, screen washers, engine oil, bearings and other consumable parts when your car meets with an accident. This benefit is not covered in a standard car policy.

Return to Invoice Cover

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) or current market value determines the value of your car which is usually lower than the actual value of the car. In case of loss or damage to the car due to accident or theft, the insurance company will pay you the claim as per IDV. But, if you take the Return On Invoice add-on, you can get the actual value of your car without deducting the registration charges, road tax and any depreciation calculated on it.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover

No Claim Bonus is a benefit that is offered in all car insurance policies. If you do not file for any insurance claim throughout the year, then you are eligible for no claim bonus. You can avail of this benefit in the form of discounts on premiums for your next policies. For example, if you get 20% NCB then you get a discount on the premium for your next policy after a claim-free year. The NCB can go up to 50% if no claim is made for 5 continuous years. In case, you file a claim due to an unforeseen event, then your NCB will become zero. But if you get an NCB cover add-on in your policy, you can keep your bonus intact and claim insurance.

All of the above add-ons are optional, but they can be very useful in certain situations. Keeping in view your actual needs, you can opt for some benefits or all of them.

Types of Discounts

In Online Car Insurance Policy

Save Money using this range of smart discounts on your car insurance policy!

The prices of fuel or the vehicle buying expense cannot be controlled but, you surely can make a few smart decisions to ensure that you pay a discounted price on your car insurance!

Age Discount

A person aged between 35 to 45 years, can enjoy a discount of 5% on the OD premium. The discount further increases to 10%, if you are aged 46 to 60 years.

Anti-Theft Discount

By installing an ARAI approved anti-theft device in your car, you are not only safeguarding your car but also rewarding yourself with a 2.5% discount on the Own Damage (OD) premium.

No Claim Bonus

For every claim-free year, you are bestowed with a discount on premium, which starts from 20% and increases every year to a whopping 50% of the renewal premium amount. The most interesting part is this NCB is transferable, every time you buy a new car or switch to a new insurer.

Professional Discount

The type of profession can get you an additional discount like if you are a practising chartered accountant, doctor, defence personnel, a teacher in a Government recognized institution or an employee of the State/Central Government.

AAI Discount

You get an additional discount in your premium for being a member of an automobile association such as the Automobile Association of India (AAI) or Western India Automobile Association (WIAA).

Eligibility & Purchasing

To Buy Online Car Insurance


You are eligible to have car insurance as soon as you own a car. It is mandatory, to have car insurance the moment you become the owner. It is a legal offence to drive a car without insurance, which is punishable by law.

Process of Purchasing

The process of buying car insurance is rather simple. You can either buy your insurance through the car retailer company or directly from a car insurance provider. The process can be offline through an insurance agent or online mode. The best way is to buy online after comparing various insurance options as per your specific needs.
At insurejoy.com, we provide you with a comprehensive platform that provides answers to all your car insurance-related questions and helps you to compare and choose the best car policy.
All you need to do is fill in the required details such as your name, contact details, car model and make, car registration number, your city and you will instantly get the best quotes from insurance companies.

Documents Required

  • Your current policy document is required to renew or switch
  • Your driving license copy
  • Your vehicle registration documents and a copy of RC (Registration Certificate) is required
  • Your address proof
  • Avoided check in case you want to set up EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for premium payment.
Parameters to Choose

The Best Car Insurance Company

Several parameters have to be considered before purchasing the best car insurance company. Each person has different needs and depending on their requirements the car insurance company has to be selected.

1. Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim settlement ratio (CSR) and incurred claim ratio (ICR) has to be considered while purchasing a plan. The claim settlement ratio refers to the total percentage of a claim settled by the insurance company. ICR or incurred claim ratio refers to the total percentage of premium that has been utilised by the insurance company from the total percentage of premium collected by them. A company with higher CSR and ICR is considered to be a good pick.

2. Cashless Garage Network

A cashless garage is a useful feature in case of emergencies. We should look for insurance companies that have a strong network of cashless garage facilities.

3. Add-on Features

Add-ons can be preferred as per the individual’s choice. Add-ons can opt with standard car insurance as extended coverage.

4. Good Customer Support Service

Some companies offer 24*7 customer support and other’s may offer 5-day customer assistance. The availability and quality of the customer service have to be checked. This can be checked based on customer reviews.

5. Financial Background of the Company

The financial ability of the company is important that determines how quick the company will settle your claim amount when you need it. This can be checked by going through the company’s annual financial records and its solvency ratio.

6. Authorised Insurance Company

The company should be accredited or authenticated. This can be checked by going through the IRDA registration number. The authenticated company assures that the company is genuine.

Points to remember

Key Advantages And Features

insurejoy.com can guide you to the best-suited car insurance for you, through its effective comparison tools and exact data-driven statistics.

Before you purchase, you must know the key benefits and features of online car insurance:

You Fulfill Legal Requirements

As per the Indian Motors Vehicle Act, every person who owns a car should have third-party insurance which is mandatory. Also buying a comprehensive policy will help you to remain in compliance with regulations.

You can Bear Accidental Damages

In case your car meets with an accident, and has caused damage to the car then you can simply claim insurance and bear the expenses without spending loads of money from your pocket.

Having a Third-Party Cover is Important

In case you cause damage to another person's car or if the driver gets hurt, you can bear the damage expenses by claiming your third party insurance, which covers hospitalization and legal expenses too.

Damage to Car Due to Natural Calamities

If your car is damaged due to natural calamities like fire, flood or earthquake, then your car insurance policy will come in handy to claim for the damages.

Loss due to Theft and Vandalism

If you have comprehensive car insurance it will provide you with cover against theft and vandalism. You can also claim insurance if your car gets stolen.

No Claim Bonus Benefit

If you do not make any car insurance claims throughout the year, then you are eligible to get a handsome no claim bonus(NCB). Your next online car insurance premium comes cheaper to you.
You must buy a comprehensive car policy at the earliest and if you already have insurance coverage, get it renewed on time by easily comparing various policies at insurejoy.com and remain tension free!

Factors That Affect

Your Car Insurance Premium

Some important factors that affect car insurance are:

The premiums are higher for age groups from 18-25 years, since the probability of accidents is higher for these age groups, as per the insurance statistics.

If your car is fitted with an ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) approved anti-theft device, you are eligible to enjoy an additional discount of 2.5%. Enjoy lower premiums for staying safe and secured.

An insured person who has a petrol car will pay a lower premium, but if you drive a CNG, the insurance comes at a higher premium, because the chances of unforeseen damage are higher.

If you own high-end car models, such as Bentley, Audi or BMW, the premiums for such cars are higher. The reason for higher premiums is because the theft rates for expensive cars are higher, the value of the car is much higher and the damage cost is also quite costly.

If you did not make any car insurance claims throughout the year then you are eligible for NCB or No Claim Bonus. It varies from 10% to 50% discount on premium, depending upon the number of claim-less years. The NCB can be transferred to another policy.

The premium for urban areas than the rural area because the chances of accidents are higher than scarcely populated areas.

If your car is older the premiums are lesser if you own a new car then the premium is higher. The year of manufacture of your car directly affects the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of your car. The IDV value decreases for an older car which is calculated as per the current market value of the car. If the IDV is less, the premium rates also decrease.

If the insured person belongs to the category of defence personnel, doctors, government employees, or police force, then the person is eligible to get an additional discount on the premium. At insurejoy.com, you can key in all the factors and reach the best premium value as per your needs, in just a few clicks!

In case of renewal

Car Insurance Online Renewal Process

Car Insurance Renewal is one of the most important processes that have to be done every year before the due date. It is quite easy to renew your car insurance at insurejoy.com.

In case you forget to renew on time and your car insurance policy has expired or is about to expire, then it is very simple to get it renewed at your insurer's website or insurejoy.com. You can switch to another insurer or keep renewing your policy with the same insurer, either way, both will be hassle-free and simple processes. The policy has to be renewed within the expiry date or the grace period.

Now let us run through the important points involved in renewing car insurance online

Renew your policy within the Grace Period

Some insurance providers offer a grace period that allows you a time of 15 to 30 days after your policy has been expired. The grace period depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Some insurance companies allow you to get it renewed even after the grace period but you will pay additional costs. Do not use your grace period very often use it only when you need it. Some insurers may charge a late fee for using the grace period.

Not every insurance companies offer a grace period. Make sure at the time of buying the policy, whether you are entitled to have a grace period. Even if you have missed renewing your policy before expiry or within the grace period, you can still get it renewed, but the process will be tedious and will need more effort and money.

Renew Before the Expiry Date

  • If you wish to renew offline then get in touch with your insurance provider and ask them for the documents for car insurance renewal. The concerned agent will visit you and help you with the renewal process.
  • But it is best to get our policy renewed by visiting the insurance provider's website and go for online renewal, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Just furnish the information required by the insurance provider.
  • Choose the add-ons or benefits if necessary.
  • You will get instant quotes after entering the details. If you are happy with the quote go ahead and make payment and get your car insurance policy renewed in no time.

Renewing After the Grace Period

If you fail to renew your policy within the grace period then you will lose your car insurance. You will have to purchase new car insurance altogether. You cannot renew your policy once the time exceeds the grace period.

Here are the disadvantages of not renewing your policy on time:

  • Higher Premiums
  • Loss of previous benefits
  • Fines Levied
  • Fresh inspection of the vehicle
  • Loss of NCB (No Claim Bonus)
  • A lot of legal trouble with police and authorities driving without insurance
  • You have to bear huge expenses in case you meet an accident without an insurance policy

Details To Be Provided For Car Insurance Policy Renewal

  • Your Name (As on official documents)
  • Your Contact Number and E-mail id
  • Copy of The RC
  • The Existing Insurance Policy Number
In case of claim

How To Claim Your Car Insurance!

Let us discuss the steps involved Here on how to claim your car insurance, in any of the following scenarios.

In case of a car accident!

  • Keep your insurance policy active by renewing it on time. This is the most important step that will help you to get the claim amount.
  • Immediately after accidental damage take pictures of the damage that is done. The pictures have to be taken in both cases, if the accident was your mistake, or someone else caused the damage.
  • Call the cops to the accident zone. This step is of utmost importance to activate the legal process immediately. This will help at the time of filing for claims. The cops will inspect the vehicle and take note of the accident scene.
  • If the other person has not run away from the accident scene, try getting the details of the other vehicle like the model number, vehicle number, make of the car and more such details.
  • Filing an FIR is mandatory in the case of third-party liability claims. Without an FIR making a claim will be very difficult for you.
  • Call your concerned insurance company as soon as possible.
  • You can proceed with the claim process with the help of the representative regarding forms or documents that will be required to support your claim.
  • The insurance company will ask for a "proof of damage" form as well as records relating to your claim (such as medical bills, car repair bills and a copy of the FIR).
  • Submitting correct and validated information to the representative is the right thing to do for claiming the insurance.
  • Inspection officials will inspect and evaluate the vehicle. The damaged car will be inspected and verified by examining the evidence of any injury claims, and initial payment.

In case of a car theft!

  1. The immediate step would be to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station and file an FIR.
  2. Next, make a call to your insurance provider office and inform them about the theft.
  3. Also, make a call to the RTO (Road Transport Office) and inform them about the theft.
  4. Your insurance company will provide a claim form that has to be filled by providing information such as policy number, vehicle registration number, RC number, date time and a brief description of the theft incident that took place

Document to be submitted to your insurance provider

  • The Duly Signed Claim Form
  • The Original Copy of the FIR
  • Copy of The Policy Documents
  • A Copy of The Driving License
  • The Original Keys of The Car
  • Copy of the letter addressed to the RTO intimating theft
  • Copy of The Vehicle’s RC
  • RTO transfer papers have to be duly signed along with the necessary forms such as (Form 28, 29, 30 and 35).

Once the local police station submits the no-trace report which means the vehicle could not be found, the claim will be approved. Now transfer the RC of the stolen car in favour of the insurance company and hand over all sets of keys and issue a letter of subrogation to the insurance company. Although filing a car insurance claim is easy and simple, it is important to do it properly or else the claim can become null and void.

Why choose Us

insurejoy.com - Always there for our users

Getting car insurance is mandatory if you are driving on Indian roads. insurejoy.com is a comprehensive platform where you can gather all information and buy the best car policy without any hassle.

We offer the following services:

  • Get instant customized quotes that match your exact requirements, resulting in huge savings on your car policy.
  • Easily compare car insurance online, and filter according to your requirements through our rapid, accurate and reliable algorithms.
  • Get the best affordable premium quotes after comparing with various insurance providers.
  • Ou experts at insurejoy.com will assist you in every step from purchasing to making claims based on your key needs.
  • We provide an informed, unbiased, and clear quote to help you choose the best car policy.
  • We will assist you through the purchase process of your car policy so that you will sail smoothly and land at the best insurance plan.
  • Get your policy instantly in your mailbox, without going through a long process of filing forms.
  • The payment gateway is an absolute quick, simple and reliable method that saves your time and effort.

All this process at insurejoy.com is FREE of cost and involves no paperwork and commissions at all!

Here's a quick run-through of the insurance bounties being offered at insurejoy.com, for quick and simple car policy purchases.

  • Simple Hassle-free Process
  • Quick And simple Purchase & Renewals
  • Claims Assistance At All Times
  • Just a Short and hassle-free Simple Forms To Be Filled
  • Nationwide Documents Pick Up Facility
  • Live Policy Tracking Resource
  • Advanced Feature Filters for Customized Needs

We are more than glad to tend to any queries related to car insurance that you may have. Contact insurejoy.com by giving a call or drop an email!

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidental cover to own car due to natural calamities, fire, riots, theft, liability to the third-party.

If you sell your car the policy can be transferred to the name of the new owner. After filling up the forms and submitting the necessary documents the policy will be transferred within 14 days.

In this case, you immediately notify your insurer about the mistake. You need to submit proof of correct information and raise a request to your insurer to rectify the mistake. Once the proof has been verified by the insurer they will issue a new policy with the necessary corrections done.

Yes, the car insurance policy that is issued online is valid as per the law. But make sure the policy has been issued by an IRDAI approved website.

If you renew your policy within 90 days from the date of expiry then the NCB will remain intact but if you renew the policy after 90 days from the expiry date then you will lose your NCB.